About the shelter (bunker)

During the Cold War, more than 300 civil defence shelters (also known as bunkers, vaults, fallout shelters) were built underground in Soviet Vilnius to protect residents from chemical, biological and nuclear attack, air bombardment and other threats.

These structures made of reinforced concrete were not only isolated from the outside world, but supplied with the equipment necessary for survival: filtered air, food, medical supplies, measurement devices and even items for recreational activities.

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After the collapse of the USSR, most of the shelters in Vilnius were sold, reconstructed, demolished or fell into disrepair. Some of the shelters still exist, but are inaccessible to the public. To preserve an intriguing and authentic relic of a bygone era, VšĮ Gatvės gyvos (Streets Alive) purchased a shelter that had belonged to the company Lietuvos automatika (in Soviet years called Vilniaus montavimo SZMA valdyba) in the Naujamiestis neighbourhood.

We invite anybody with an interest in not-so-obvious history to join us on a tour, during which you see under what conditions residents would have lived in case of nuclear war, you try on a chemical protective suit and gas mask, with your own hands you turn on the ventilation mechanisms and you open airtight doors weighing hundreds of kilograms.

How to visit?

ATTENTION! Our bunker does not have strictly defined opening hours like many regular museums, so if you arrive spontaneously, you probably won’t be able to visit it.

If you want to visit us, please:

  • Join a public tour
  • Book a private tour

Information about both of these options is provided below.

Public tours

Date Time Tour Language Tickets
2024-06-0217:00Guided tourLTPurchase
2024-06-1617:00Guided tourLTPurchase

Can’t find a tour with your preferred date, time or language? Book a private tour!

Private tours

If you plan to be in Vilnius, but can’t find a suitable public tour date, we can arrange a private tour at a time convenient for you. There are two types of tours:

  • For groups of 1–4 people we recommend a “Discover-It-Yourself”
  • For groups of 5–12 people – a guided tour.

Guided tour

Our professional guides will reveal the most interesting facts about the shelter and civil defense in Soviet times. We ensure direct communication, the opportunity to ask questions and get immediate answers. This type of tour is ideal for groups of up to 12 people.


Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian.
adult 13 €, child or pension-age 9 €. Minimum total price for a private guided tour is 100 €.
about 1–1:15 hrs.

IMPORTANT! Due to the size of the shelter, we recommend that not more than 12 persons participate in a single tour.

What if your group is larger? In such case we suggest to divide your collective into smaller groups and visit the shelter one-after-another. We can also offer other solutions, e. g., several different tours (including the shelter) simultaneously, etc. Please contact us for such inquiries.

To arrange a private tour, please call +370 684 59 818 or press the button below to book online.

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"Discover-It-Yourself" tour

It is a special way to learn about the history of the shelter. During the visit the whole object is reserved just for you – so, no involvement of outsiders, no contact!

Upon arrival at the meeting point, our representative will give some instructions, a torch (everything takes place in the dark) and then you will start your journey. As you listen to the audio recording you will do everything by yourself at a comfortable pace – open the doors, turn on the devices and explore the exhibits. After completing the independent visit and going outside, our representative will answer any questions you may have.

Ideal for small groups of up to 4 people.


Languages: English, Lithuanian.
group of 1–2 persons – 50 €, group of 3–4 persons – 60 €.
about 1–1:15 hrs.

To arrange a private tour, please call +370 684 59 818 or press the button below to book online.

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We offer rental of the shelter for a short time. Some ideas for what you can do:

  • photo session and filming;
  • film showings (there is equipment for that purpose in the shelter);
  • civil defence, survival training and the like;
  • secret meetings of Masonic lodges and other clubs…

Rental terms and conditions are discussed on an individual basis.


The meeting point for tours of the shelter is the bus stop Lelija, located at Panerių g. 45.

! After arriving at the meeting point, wait for your guide. We kindly but firmly request that you be on time, because all participants must enter the shelter at the same time, and those arriving late will be unable to communicate with the guide (there is no mobile phone signal in the shelter).


  • Bus route number 13 (Žemasis Pavilnys-Vilkpėdė). The bus passes by Subačiaus gatvė, Aušros Vartai (the Gate of Dawn), Halės Market, Stotis (bus/railway stations) and other sites. Complete route information and schedule.
  • On foot. The shelter (bunker) is in the Naujamiestis neighbourhood, relatively close to the city centre. Download a map with marked routes leading from some of the main landmarks in Vilnius: download.
  • By car. Please note that parking in the vicinity of the shelter (bunker) can be difficult, due to the lack of parking spaces, so if you do choose to come by car, plan to spend at least 5-10 minutes looking for a parking space.


+370 684 59 818

About us

„Gatvės gyvos“ (in English – Streets Alive) is one of the best-known and highest-rated tour organisers in Vilnius.

Since 2015, our company has been presenting less-visited sites, located in the centre, various neighbourhoods and industrial areas, to residents and visitors. We organise tours on foot, by trolleybus and by other means of transport, as well as collect historical material and publish books.

We have adapted some of these activities not only for the enjoyment of adults, but also for children, including cultural day-camps, educational trips and specialised tours.

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